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TochiLock(TM-328-70) and Slide Tochi Lock(TM-335)

The items that we are introducing you are Tochi Lock(TM-328-70) and the new version of Tochi Lock-Slide Tochi Lock(TM-335).


You can use TM-328-70 for anything you need to control the height or length such as Monitor Stand, Guide Plate, Drip Stand, Music Stand, POS Cashier and Shop Shelf, etc.

The characteristic of Tochi Lock(TM-328-70) is that it is easy to extend the length with a single touch of a button and without need of screw or pin, since it will lock automatically.

This Tochi Lock can be used at any scenes where it needs to adjust the height or length such as Tripod mount and Light Stands.


As for Slide Tochi Lock(TM-335), it can be used for Monitors, Operation Consoles, Recognition Devices and Workbenches. Normally this unit can only be moved to the arrow direction, but when the retainer is ON, it is free, and can be moved to both directions.


Both items are complying with RoHS Directive, so that wide range of industries can use these products.








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