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sealing rubber gasket TM-340/TM-341

We would like to introduce our new sealing rubber gasket TM-340/TM-341 this time.

Sealing rubber gasket TM-340 and TM-341 are made especially for food-processing and medical machinery. These gaskets are made of silicon, and resistant to high temperature and chemical. You can choose these products from two colors (blue and white) and two shapes (square and D shape).


In a general way, gasket is used for sealing boxes/lids/cabinets to protect foreign objects to get in. However, when the gasket itself breaks up due to strong external force, and becomes a foreign object? If the collar is black or other colors, it will be difficult to find the scrap out.

But blue color is very visible, it can be found out easily. So we are confident that, the blue gasket can help you to solve foreign objects incorporation problems.

This item is complying with RoHS Directive, so it can be used for wide range of industries.




You can check more details from PDF catalogue(TM-340,341).

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