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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets up our policy on handling personal information provided to Tochigiya Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Us”).

1.Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We shall comply with the Law on Personal Information Protection and related regulations and guidelines (hereinafter called “Laws”) and take all possible measures to protect personal information.

2.Acquisition of Personal Information

We will acquire personal information in appropriate ways.

3.Use of Personal Information

We will use acquired personal information for the purposes described below. Without the consent of the individual concerned or except as otherwise specified in the laws, we will not use such personal information beyond the scope of the intended purposes.
(1) Replying to a request for a quotation, or sending materials and other information
(2) Provision of information about our products and services
(3) For Customers’ registrations on the online site; and

4.Management of Personal Information

We will take all necessary measures to prevent personal information from being leaked, lost, or damaged, and will securely manage the information.

5.Entrustment of Handling Personal Information

To entrust third parties with handling of all or part of the personal information, we will investigate the third parties strictly and supervise them as necessary and appropriate, so that the entrusted personal information will be properly managed.

6.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not provide acquired personal information to third parties without the consent of the individuals concerned, except as otherwise specified in the related laws.

7.Disclosure or Correction of Personal Information

If you request us to disclose, correct, add, or delete your personal information handled by us, we will promptly respond to your request in accordance with the laws and regulations, upon confirming that you are the said person or an agent of the said person.


For requests to disclose personal information, opinions, questions, or complaint about handling personal information, and other inquires, please contact us as follows:
Customer Information Section in Tochigiya Co., Ltd.
Tel: +81-48-228-3072 (Acceptable hours: 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays)
E-mail :

9.Continuous Improvement

We will assure continuous improvement of personal information handling. We may, accordingly, revise the privacy policy as required.