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Product Directory

TOCHIGIYA’s mechanical parts produced through our advanced technology, R&D expertise and innovative idea can fulfill a wide variety of our customers’ needs.

We have been chasing “Reliability and Beauty” for our products based on our technology and R&D expertise accumulated during the last half century.

Examples of our Products Applications

Construction Machinery, Elevators, Machine Tools, Printing Machinery, Office Equipments, Vending Machines, Disaster Prevention Systems and Equipments, Recycling Machinery
Electrical Equipments;
Audio Equipments, Household Appliances, Telecommunication Equipments, Switchboard Apparatus, Traffic Signals
Transportation Equipments;
Bus and Special Vehicles, Railroad Equipments
Precision Instruments;
Search and Navigation Equipments, Medical Instruments, Measuring and Controlling Devices
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Main Products

    Tension Latch, Magnet Catch, Enclosure lock, Adjustable Grip Latch, Screw Fastener, Corner Catch, Cam Lock, Catch Lock, Key Switch, Plastic Latch, Padlock
  • HINGE and STAY
    Indent, Lift Off, Catch Off, Conealed, Spring Hinge, Positing Spring Hinge, Cabinet Hinge, Pipe Hinge, Dampened Hinge, Rotary Hinge, Support Brace, Rotary Damper
    Chest, Flush, Concealed, Plastic Handle, Lever Handle Latch, Tubular Handle, Chest Handle, Paddle Handle, Swing Handle, Stopper,Flush Handle, Flush Lever Handle Latch
    Drawer Slide Rail, Chains, Sealing Rubber Gasket, Magnetic Belt, Grommet, Corner, Rubber Foot, Adjuster Foot, Magnetic Sheet, Eye Snap, Card Holder, Hose Clamp, Stand Holder, Non Skid Bumper
    Twin Wheel Caster, Ball Caster, Caster with Level Adjuster, Buffer Stop
    Knob, Ball Plungers

EMKA Products

TOCHIGIYA is the exclusive distributor for EMKA.Please contact your nearest office if you have any inquiry.

Demands by Industrial Classification

Computer Notebook and Laptop Computers/Printer/Uninterruptible Power Supply
Electronic Equipment Automated teller machine/POS System/Railroad Service System/Automatic Ticket Gate/Letter Sorting Machine
Distribution Board Incoming Panel/Cubicle-Type Receiving & Distributing Facilities/High Voltage Switchgear/Distribution Board
Signal Traffic Signal Control System/Vehicle Detector/Traffic (Emergency) Information Display System
ITS Machine Highway/Freeway Electronic Toll Collecting Machine
Construction Machine Crane Vehicle (Cabin)/Electric Generator
Disaster Prevention Machine Disaster Prevention System Equipment/Fire Alarm/Emergency Power Generator
Environmental Equipment Recycling Equipment (Waste Plastic/Scrap Wood/Construction Waste)
Medical Application Instrument CT Scan/MRI Scan/X-Ray Appliance/Endoscope
Physics and Chemistry Instrument Various Types of Analysis Appliance/Electron Microscope
Semiconductor Semiconductor Manufacturing Appliance (Wafer Etching/Chemical Treating/Inspection/Dicing)
Measuring Instrument 3Demension (3-D) Measuring (Measurement) Equipment/X-Ray Analyzing (Inspection) Appliance
Vending Machine Ticket-Vending Machine/Fare-Adjustment Machine
Railroad Vehicle Bullet Train/Commuter Vehicle/Monorail/Subway Cars/Platform screen doors
Automobile Bus/Fire Truck・Fire-Fighting Vehicle/Boom Lifts/Specially-Equipped Vehicle
Marine Vessel Fishing Vessel/Recreational Vessel/Commercial Vessel/Fish finder/Communication Facility/Navigation Device
Elevator System Elevator/Tower Parking/Elevator Parking
Heavy Electric Machine Power Plant (Hydraulic Power/Fire Power/Atomic Power/Geothermal Power/Solar Energy)
Machine Tool NC Machine/Machining Center/Cutting Machine/Wire Cutter/Laser Cutting Machine/Resin Forming Machine
Printing Machine Offset Press/Rotary Press/Digital Printing Machine
Acoustic Tool Mixing Console
Business Equipment Shredder
Office Automation Equipment Copy Machine
Electric Appliance Air Conditioner/TV Monitor
Gas Equipment Gas water Heater
Kitchen Equipment Commercial Ice Machine/Cooking Device/Self-Cooking Device