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Terms of Use

We appreciate your visiting the Tochigiya Web site (hereinafter called “Web site”).
Please read and review these Terms of Use (hereinafter called “Terms”) carefully before accessing or using this Web site.
By accessing or using this Web site, we deem that you have read, understood and agreed to the Terms.

1.Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights for all content shown on this Web site (including but not limited to text, images, and data) belong to us or the respective owners shown there, and are protected by Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Design Law, and other related laws and regulations.

You are permitted to browse our Web site and download or print the content only in accordance with the Web site-intended purpose, the Terms, and related laws and regulations.

You may not copy, sell, publish, distribute, transmit, or revise our Web site or its content without our prior

2.Link Setting

Linking to our Web site is allowed in principle, but is subject to the following conditions.

(1) You may link to the Top page of our Web site ( If you wish to link to other pages, please contact us in advance.
(2) When setting a link, be sure to clearly state that the link is designated to our Web site.
(3) We may ask you to delete a link to our Web site, if we judge the link to be inappropriate, such as when our Web site is being misused, or when the link source includes offensive content or breaks public policy or other related laws.


We shall not be liable for any trouble or damages arising out of access to, or use of our Web sites and any web sites linked from our Web site and the content thereof, or arising out of linking to our Web site.