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Recommended products: “Antibacterial Type Products (KENIFINE)”

Under current COVID-19 outbreak, we are required to set new life-style. People are very sensitive about hygiene.

Here are some of our TOCHIGIYA products that may help you; Antibacterial type products.




Stainless Steel Pulls (Antibacterial Type) / WEB Catalogue




Tubular Grab Handle (Antibacterial Type) / WEB Catalogue


These products are antibacterial type (KENIFINE) specification.

(KENIFINE is registered trademark of Kobe Steel Ltd.)


What is KENIFINE specification?

Compared to existing products;

・Higher performance in anti-bacteria, anti-mildew, anti-virus.

・Faster performance: reducing bacteria more than 10 times faster than other antibacterial materials

 (silver and copper-based antibacterial materials).

・Effective even in dark places





Recommended for Medical institutions, Food-related facilities, Public facilities and more.

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