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Suspension of Pruduction information

As for alternative items, please use after confirming the appearance and specification in the catalog.
Alternative items list
Discontinued date Model No. Part Name Alternative item
2019.02 TM-287SUS Level Adjuster
2019.02 TM-16 Card Holder
2019.02 TL-11G-1 Tension Latch L Style
2018.07 TL-120-1/2 Push Off Catch
2018.06 TL-321-2 Push Off Slam Latch(Push Type) TL-321-1
2018.05 TH-KH-63 Hinge – Free Stopping
2018.05 TH-KH-65 Hinge – Free Stopping
2018.05 TH-KH-66 Hinge(H type)
2018.05 TH-KH-77 Hinge – Free Stopping
2018.06 THA-330LSF Lever Handle Latch
2018.06 THA-414-2 Flush Handle Latch (Cup)
2018.06 THA-458 Fingerprint Authentication Handle Unit
2018.06 THA-459 Flush Lever Handle Compression Type with Power
2018.05 THA-KA-280 Folding Handle(Middle)
2018.06 TM-17B-15/16/B-18
Sheet Chain TM-103series
(TM-17SS-20 2018.05)
Sheet Chain TM-103series
(TM-17SUS-19 2018.06)
TM-17SUS-18/19/20 Sheet Chain TM-103series
2018.05 TM-135 Rubber Foot TM-TTK
2018.05 TM-136 Rubber Foot TM-K
2018.06 TM-160 Conductive Gasket
2018.05 TM-161 Conductive Gasket
2018.06 TM-219 Drawer Slide Rail TM-357
2018.06 TM-220 Drawer Slide Rail TM-358
2018.06 TM-222 Drawer Slide Rail TM-359
2018.06 TM-243 Drawer Slide Rail
2018.06 TM-251/251G
Rotary Damper TM-351/351G/352/352G
2018.06 TM-324 Support Brace Lifting Lid
2018.06 TM-CS-S60 Positioning Level Adjuster TM-CS-M
2018.06 TM-CS-S100 Positioning Level Adjuster TM-CS-1
2018.05 TM-GRubber Grommet G-TypeThe details are listed below

TM-G Grommets reference sheet
Model No. Alternative item
TM-G-2 TM-NG-79-R
TM-G-3 TM-B-22-2
TM-G-5 TM-NG-79-Q
TM-G-6 TM-NG-79-O
TM-G-8 TM-NG-79-O
TM-G-9 TM-B-16-2
TM-G-12 TM-NG-79-O
TM-G-13 TM-B-14-2
TM-G-16 TM-346-1
TM-G-18 TM-346-1
TM-G-19 TM-346-1
TM-G-23 TM-NG-79-K
TM-G-25 TM-NG-79-M
TM-G-26 TM-346-1
TM-G-32 TM-NG-79-H
TM-G-34 TM-346-3
TM-G-38 TM-NG-79-H
TM-G-39 TM-346-2
TM-G-40 TM-NG-79-G
TM-G-42 TM-B-10-1
TM-G-43 TM-346-2
TM-G-46 TM-346-3
TM-G-48 TM-346-4
Model No. Alternative item
TM-G-49 TM-346-3
TM-G-50 TM-346-3
TM-G-51 TM-NG-79-F
TM-G-52 TM-346-4
TM-G-55 TM-346-6
TM-G-56 TM-346-4
TM-G-59 TM-NG-79-E
TM-G-60 TM-346-7
TM-G-62 TM-346-6
TM-G-63 TM-346-5
TM-G-64 TM-346-4
TM-G-65 TM-346-4
TM-G-66 TM-346-6
TM-G-67 TM-346-4
TM-G-68 TM-346-2
TM-G-73 TM-346-6
TM-G-75 TM-NG-79-D
TM-G-76 TM-346-8
TM-G-77 TM-KG-16
TM-G-78 TM-346-5
TM-G-79 TM-346-7
TM-G-82 TM-NG-79-D
TM-G-83 TM-NG-79-D
TM-G-84 TM-346-6
Model No. Alternative item
TM-G-85 TM-346-8
TM-G-87 TM-NG-79-C
TM-G-88 TM-NG-79-C
TM-G-89 TM-346-8
TM-G-90 TM-NG-79-D
TM-G-91 TM-346-9
TM-G-92 TM-346-8
TM-G-93 TM-346-9
TM-G-94 TM-346-9
TM-G-95 M-NG-79-B
TM-G-96 TM-346-9
TM-G-97 TM-346-9
TM-G-98 TM-346-9
TM-G-99 TM-346-10
TM-G-100 TM-346-10
TM-G-101 TM-346-11
TM-G-102 TM-NG-79-A-2
TM-G-104 TM-346-13
TM-G-105 TM-346-11
TM-G-106 TM-346-13
TM-G-107 TM-KG-742
TM-G-108 TM-346-13
TM-G-110 TM-346-12
TM-G-112 TM-KG-74
TM-G-113 TM-346-14
TM-G-116 TM-346-12