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APA/AA/AB シリーズ共通 キャリーケース設計マニュアル For All of APA / AA / AB Series

栃木屋のキャリーケースは、お客様の用途に応じて、1 台から製作可能なオーダーメイドシステムのケースです。

In designing carry case
Tochigiya Carry Case is an order made case to be designed based on the customers various needs. We can take your order from one case.
In designing your case, please determine the parts and sizes by referring to the following points. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

APA Series(PDF)AA Series(PDF)AB Series(PDF)
ご注文の際は、RoHS 対応のご指定・ご確認をお願いします。
Please specify whether RoHS compliance is required or not, when placing us your order.


1. Layout of the Case Interior(Deciding How You Store Objects)

a) 間仕切加工

a) Partitioning the space
It is a containing method by dividing the space with, such as, cushioning materials, partitioning boards, and belts.This method would be used for objects with large size, simple shape, or flexible shape such as cables and electric codes.

b) スリット加工
向かい合った 2 面のクッション材に、それぞれスリット(溝)加工を施し、スリット間に収納品を差し込んで固定する収納方法です。プリント基板や薄板状の収納品に使用します。

b) Slitting
It is a containing method by inserting the items into the slits carved on the cushioning materials set face to face at two sides of a case.
This method would be used for containing PCBs and thin board shaped objects.

c) アングル取付加工(機器、パネル実装用)

c) Installing Angle Plates(For Mounting Instruments or Panels)
It is a containing method by installing L-shaped angle plates with screw hole inside the case and mounting items to be contained on the angle plates by screw.
This method would be used in case the carry case is used as a container for the portable equipment.

d) ルーター加工

d) Rooter Processing
It is a containing method by carving the cushioning material into a shape of the item to be contained by rooter processing.
This method is suitable to contain many small objects, objects with complex shape, or fragile objects.


2. Selecting the Shape of the Case
The shape of the case needs to be selected while deciding the interior layout. By taking into consideration the factors, such as volume, shape, weight of the objects to be contained and ease of use, please select the shape that you would consider most easy-to-use.


3. Determining the Dimensions of the Case
Based on the interior layout and the shape of the case that you have selected, the dimensions(width and depth)for the inside of the case should be determined.
※ Please note that we ask our customers to provide us with the inside size of the case because of our philosophy that the case is“ in principle, to contain the objects inside”.


4. Selecting the Major Components of the Case(Determining the Type of the Case)
Based on the dimensions of the case, the total weight of the objects to be contained, and the intended use of the case, the combination of the major components of the case, e.g., panels, flames and rails of the case, should be selected.
Please note that because there is limit for the depth for each type of the case, customers are required to revise or adjust the depth in case the customer’s original design exceeds the limit set for the type of case.


5. Selecting Mechanical Parts for the Exterior of the Case
Considering the shape of the case, the conditions when being used or carried, and the total weight including the objects inside, the exterior mechanical parts, e.g., catches, hinges, handles, foots, and casters, along with the number of units to be attached and their positions on the case, should be determined.


6. Attaching Document Pockets
If you wish to have document pockets inside the case(on the lid), please specify the depth of the pocket.


7.Adding Works on the Case Body
When you wish to add holes and/or slits on the panel of the case, please specify the measurement from the center of the case body and from the opening edge of the case.


8. Silk-screen Printing, Name Plate Fixing
If you wish to add Silk-screen Printing and/or to fix name plates on the case, please specify the approximate measurement from the center of the case body and from the opening edge of the case. In this case, please put the measurement in a parenthesis.